Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 12

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Sacramento State BEYOND DIVERSITY TO INCLUSION E quality has been the central development that were created when theme in the life of Diana Tate diversity and inclusion weren’t a priority. Vermeire. She built a legal career These areas represent some of the largest working for racial justice at the ACLU of gaps and therefore can make a significant Northern California. Today, she brings impact. She is also working to improve that passion and expertise to her role as overall awareness — helping staff, faculty and executive director of Sacramento State’s students consider if they are inadvertently new Office of Inclusive Excellence, and excluding others because they don’t share she is leading the University in its effort to the same reality. For example, imagining the move the campus culture beyond diversity campus experience for students who are to embody inclusivity. single parents or transgender, and evaluating Like the greater Sacramento community, the campus itself is extremely diverse, scoring fourth in the West in the U.S. News what the University is doing to ensure that everyone feels welcome and has what they need to be successful. and World Report 2019 rankings for ethnic Vermeire is helping the campus community diversity. However, a priority for Sacramento create real and meaningful change. She State is to go beyond representation to is acutely aware that down the road, create a place where everyone is welcomed, Sacramento State will lose talented faculty, allowed to be their authentic self and staff and students if it doesn’t. But more listened to with an open mind. importantly, being inclusive is just the right As the force spearheading this culture shift, Vermeire is working with colleagues to address the institutional processes, such as hiring of faculty, training and professional 14 “ Being an inclusive campus means that we want our community members to engage with one another in real and authentic ways. — DIANA TATE VERMEIRE, J.D. Executive Director, Office of Inclusive Excellence and University Diversity Officer ” thing to do. After all, a university is a place to inspire new ideas. Those can take shape only if it continuously evolves and includes, in a meaningful way, all the individuals it serves. 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819 916.278.6011 | March 201 9 CLIENT PROFILE