Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 113

Since 1997, almost 2,000 businesses have joined SMUD’s Greenergy ® program to support renewable energy projects and to help make a difference in our region. Now it’s your turn. Join today and SMUD will meet your business’ electricity needs with power generated from renewable resources like wind, water and solar. Participation in SMUD’s Greenergy program and sourcing from renewable energy sources aligns perfectly with Soil Born Farm’s commitment to teaching and practicing better stewardship of our earth’s precious natural resources. — Shawn Harrison, Founder & Co-Director, Soil Born Farms 1414 14 1 -18 ® A trademark/ser se vice ser vicce mar r k of o f Sac S accrame a nto nt Muni M nicipa i cipa cip l Ut Utilit t ilit ility y D Di stri s ct, Reg Reg. g U.S U.S. . Pat. Pa t. & Tm. T m. Off Tm Of f .