Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 104

3strands RED CROSS Global foundation Fighting to end human trafficking W e believe it is possible to end human trafficking,” says Ashlie Bryant. “We combat this crime through prevention. Prevention through education, employment, and engagement.” Bryant is co-founder, president and CEO of 3Strands Global Foundation, a socially innovative non- profit that has been serving the greater Sacramento region for almost 10 years. Human trafficking, a $150 billion industry, is an umbrella term for forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Traffickers use force, fraud, and coercion to exploit individuals’ vulnerabilities. Traffickers use many tactics to exploit children and adults, and understanding them 106 | March 2019 can prevent human trafficking from occurring in the first place. This crime doesn’t discriminate components – protocols, training, curriculum and data. Communities establish protocols so resources will be on gender, race, or socio-economics, and there are an estimated 100,000 victims of sex trafficking in the US. “Trafficking and exploitation happen around the world, but it surprises our local community that it happens right here,” says Bryant. 3Strands has a vision of a world free from human trafficking, and a mission to mobilize communities to combat human trafficking through prevention education and reintegration programs. PROTECT Prevention Education is a systematic, scalable prevention education program with four readily available to students. Teachers are trained to identify youth who are exploited and deliver trauma-informed standardized curriculum directly to students, empowering them to thrive and pursue their dreams. Data is tracked and measured to help provide insight on teacher awareness and student behavioral change. The EMPLOY + EMPOWER program facilitates the job needs of survivors and connects survivors and at-risk individuals with sustainable income. “Survivors have told us that the most powerful thing we can do for someone