Comstock's magazine 0219 - February 2019 - Page 75

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL SECTION SHOW ME THE MONEY Where to look when financing your business BY BILL SESSA Whether you are a butcher, baker or can- dlestick maker β€” or just developed an amazing software that the world is clam- oring for β€” every successful business starts with an idea. But turning a good idea into a business requires more than a better mousetrap. Any business has many complex parts. But regardless of the type, all businesses run on a common fuel: money. β€œThe No. 1 reason why companies fail is because they run out of cash,” notes Paul Bozzo, a financial consultant affiliated with the Sacramento Business Development Cen- ter, which provides financial help and pro- fessional expertise to new businesses. Figuring out how to finance a business can be daunting. Do you get a loan, cash February 2019 | 75