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before agreeing to take a meeting. Another estimate suggests that, by 2020, 30 percent of all business-to-business purchas- ing decisions will be influenced by LinkedIn. “If you agree and you buy into the approach that a LinkedIn profile should be more like a website, then you start to think about it like how a marketer thinks about a webpage,” Shaver explains. “It needs to be keyword optimized, and it needs to speak to your ‘buyer’ — whoever that is.” Woodruff Sawyer, which has employees in Grass Valley and Sacramento, has also seen the benefits. Executives saw upgrading the profiles of public-facing employees as one com- ponent of larger rebranding initiatives. Last fall, the company hired Vengreso to help shape roughly 100 profiles, including one for its CEO. The experiment was so successful that they’re planning on doing another round soon. Jeff Fenigstein, vice president of marketing and sales operations for Woodruff Sawyer, says LinkedIn was an essential part of their new marketing rollout because “that’s where many of our clients are.” “That new brand, it’s not complete until we address how our people are showing up online, particularly our sales team,” he says. “It’s important that people know who they are.” That doesn’t mean all profiles should read exactly the same. In fact, copy-paste jobs are discouraged, even for large companies looking to streamline branding, according to ex- perts. They say leaving room for a little bit of individuality can go a long way. “It’s sort of a balance or a compromise because LinkedIn is your professional persona, so you are representing your com- pany,” Shaver says. “[But] you want to show a little bit of your personality. Don’t be a corporate stiff.” It’s not just how people use LinkedIn that’s changed. The service continues to roll out new features and offerings, in- cluding an increased emphasis on link and blog sharing. Those updates are expected to make the service even more crucial in the years to come. For Malmstrom, that time is al- ready here. “I use LinkedIn more than any other social media — more than Facebook or even Instagram — because I use it for net- working, to see what’s going on in the world and for ideas for what other companies are doing,” Malmstrom says. “I’m on my phone on LinkedIn when I’m brushing my teeth in the morn- ing. I’m that obsessed.” n Torey Van Oot is a writer and former political reporter for The Sacramento Bee. Her work appears on, Refin- ery29, Teen Vogue and elsewhere. On Twitter @ToreyVanOot. ACT! SOFTWARE COACHING AND SUPPORT Act! Free 14 Day Trial User Training and Coaching Personalized Support, Plain English Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute needs assessment, or a free trail of Act! version 21. CRM & Marketing Automation built for small business success! 406.493.7047 Chris Pumphrey, ACC 30 years hands-on experience February 2019 | 65