Comstock's magazine 0219 - February 2019 - Page 62

n CAREER J ulie Malmstrom is no stranger to the power of LinkedIn. As head of talent acquisition for Raley’s, Malmstrom uses the professional networking platform as the primary recruiting tool to fill 20–30 percent of the company’s vacancies. But in recent years, how Malmstrom — and Raley’s — uses LinkedIn has shifted. It’s no longer just a resource to research and reach potential job candidates. The platform, which now boasts more than 590 million users worldwide, has become an increasingly influential component of the company’s recruit- ing and marketing efforts. Malmstrom turns to LinkedIn for everything from reading industry news to publicizing Raley’s philanthropic efforts. New hires and employees in high-profile roles work with a social media manager to optimize profiles and ensure the language they’re using to describe the company and their role reflects its institutional voice and mission. “It’s about building relationships with different profession- als — even if they’re not looking to job hunt at this time — and really vocalizing our employer identity,” Malmstrom says. “It’s a free way to advertise what it’s like to work at our company.” That outlook reflects a bigger shift happening in the Capital Region and beyond. LinkedIn is no longer just for job seekers. At a time when social media and search engine optimization can make or break a business or career, professionals and com- panies looking for a branding boost are focused on polishing their presence on the platform. While some, like Raley’s, keep efforts in-house, the demand is also fueling a new cottage in- dustry of profile-makeover services aimed at helping clients stand out in a sea of digital resumes. “You need to do everything in your power to vault yourself over the competition. Anything you can do to cut through the noise and be more of a signal is better,” says Sacramento-based career coach Kolby Goodman, who offers individual and group LinkedIn sessions through his company, The Job Huntr. “That professional LinkedIn profile counts toward that.” THE RISE OF LINKEDIN Seeking the counsel of a professional while on a job hunt (or, if you’re a hiring manager, candidate hunt) isn’t a new concept. Resume writers, interview coaches and headhunters have suc- cessfully helped people navigate those waters for decades. But in today’s digital world, it’s rare that a resume and cover letter are the only (or first) exposure a company has to a potential appli- cant or recruit. Since it launched in 2003, LinkedIn has become a major player in professional development. With so many users worldwide, it’s impossible to ignore. One 2015 survey found that 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find applicants. There is nothing “low-tech” about modern construction. In modern construction, time is everything. When projects are on the line, you can’t afford to let software issues, unreliable networks, and employee communication breakdowns slow you down. From bid selection and estimating through project tracking and completion, we deploy, maintain, and protect the software and support systems that construction industry leaders rely on. Learn more at, 62 | February 2019