Comstock's magazine 0219 - February 2019 - Page 57

County could see roughly 4.3 million square feet of devel- opment and $1.1 billion in investment with approximately 11,000 jobs. UC DAVIS LOOKS OUTWARD With private developers and jurisdictions capitalizing on the opportunity to align with UC Davis, the university be- gan to pursue opportunities of its own. Chancellor Gary May has been the catalyst for much of the forward motion in getting technology from the university out to the marketplace. In his former position as the College of Engineering dean at Georgia Tech, May was instrumen- tal in creating an innovation campus known as Technolo- gy Square in Atlanta. He helped broker a partnership be- tween the City of Atlanta and private investors to leverage and advance Georgia Tech programs for the purpose of economic development. Before taking office in Davis, the chancellor began dis- cussions with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg for a similar UC Davis project called Aggie Square, envisioning it as an extension of the university campus that links re- search, faculty and students with local businesses. The UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento was identified as the ideal place to start their shared initiative. The UC Davis Comstock ad 2.19.qxp_Layout 1 1/10/19 4:43 PM Page 1 Institute for Regenerative Cures was running out of space for its advanced stem cell activities and companies were in- creasingly interested in leasing adjacent space in the build- ing — as a result, some master planning for its expansion was already underway. The chancellor recognized an op- portunity to create a larger UC Davis Sacramento campus that could leverage innovation from across the university and propel economic development. “It’s really about building on an existing strength that the UC Davis School of Medicine has already started,” says Robert Segar, Aggie Square’s planning director and UC Da- vis’ associate vice chancellor for campus planning and en- vironmental stewardship. “But this is just a starting point. We want to bring the full depth and breadth of UC Davis teaching and research and engagement and patient-care programs to this Aggie Square idea.” The university and City are looking at public-private partnerships and input from business leaders on the com- position of Aggie Square, which is being considered for a host of projects such as incubator and accelerator space, collaborative space for research, academic programs, hous- ing, retail, art and music venues. The 25-acre proposed re- search park will be broken into phases, with phase one en- compassing up to 500,000 square feet for technologies that Be More: Competitive. Productive. Profitable. With Less. In an industry where you continually have to accomplish more tasks in less time, and with a shortage of qualified workers, let CSDS show you how innovative construction positioning technology can help you accomplish more work with less personnel. Call us today to get started! 800.243.1414 | SACRAMENTO | DUBLIN | FRESNO | LOS ANGELES | SAN DIEGO February 2019 | 57