Comstock's magazine 0219 - February 2019 - Page 55

“We definitely needed extra housing, but we needed re- search and development space even more.” Another proposed project, the Mace Ranch Innovation Center, called for a combination of research, manufactur- ing, hotel, retail and restaurant space. But after an unfavor- able economic analysis estimated the project would gener- ate less than half the expected revenue of similar innovation centers, the 2-million-square-foot, 212-acre project north of I-80 and east of Mace Boulevard is currently on hold. Ac- cording to project manager Dan Ramos, vice president of Ramco Enterprises, open-space requirements was a factor. In addition, a request to add workforce housing to the pro- posal for faster build-out and immediate revenue was shot down by the city council, and the required infrastructure would cost an estimated $50 million, about four times the industry standard. Currently, there is no timetable on when the project will proceed. The Davis Innovation Center, an innovation and re- search campus proposed by Hines and SKK Developments, was a 208-acre site at Highway 113 and Covell Boulevard near the university campus. As soon as the project was proposed in fall 2014, it faced pushback from residents — many from the Binning Tract neighborhood in North Davis, outside the city — who worried that the large development would abut against their homes. Citing concerns about get- ting the project approved by voters, Hines pulled out in May 2015 while still in the preplanning stages, and the project was left without a backer. FINDING THE RIGHT FIT Tom Stallard, then the mayor of Woodland, saw the Hines-Davis’ loss as Woodland’s potential gain. The Wood- land Research and Technology Group, consisting of indus- try professionals, was formed and along with the landown- ers, proposed a 350-acre research and technology park that was approved as part of the City of Woodland’s General Plan in 2017. The group hopes to break ground in 2020. The site will combine live-work housing and retail space with technology and innovation options aimed at capitaliz- ing on the agricultural technology and other research com- ing out of UC Davis. The team anticipates having 2.1 million square feet of commercial space at build-out that includes a combination of office space, wet and dry labs, research and potential incubator space, and high-tech and light manu- facturing. Several thousand jobs are expected to be created over the same 20-year period. “It’s moving forward with no opposition and great sup- port from local government officials and the local communi- CSU CHICO SCIENCE REPLACEMENT BUILDING Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the recent Camp Fire in Butte County. This new Science Replacement Building will serve the students of Chico State and the residents of Butte County. Airco Mechanical is proud to be bringing this project to the community in 2020. Airco has been designing and installing HVAC and plumbing projects in the Sacramento region and our neighboring counties for 45 years. 8210 Demetre Ave. Sacramento, CA 95828 | 916.381.4523 401 13 th St. Ste. 200 San Francisco, CA 94130 | 415.982.4726 Lic.# 311454 | February 2019 | 55