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have kids crying that you’re taking away their school. But you look at them and say, I can’t allow you to attend a school where the achievement is so poor compared to what your traditional neighborhood school can provide. Here in Placer County, because we have high-achieving schools, charter schools have to make sure they meet that already high standard. Where- as if you go to another county where the achievement is lower, as long as charter schools meet that level they can contin- ue to be reauthorized. So that gets treated very differently in very different places, depending on the quality of their tradi- tional public schools. What priorities do you want to see at the state level with the new administration? I think the new governor needs to work with the Legislature [on] some basic re- forms to the charter school law. We ad- opted this law 25 years ago and have made very minimal changes, and across the nation there have been states that have adopted charter school legislation after us — we were the second in the nation — so there are states that have followed us that have learned lessons and have laws that are very different. We have a lot of improvement to make, and I really do hope Gov. Newsom with the State Board of Education and with the Legislature can take on some really hard issues that prior administrations have been resistant to take on that follow national best prac- tices when setting guidelines and policies that affect charter schools. It’s going to be messy, but it’s necessary. Also Gov. Newsom made a priority throughout his campaign on the impor- tance of early childhood education, which hasn’t been a focus for the last eight years, so I’m anticipating we’ll see some new re- forms and some new opportunities. n Sena Christian is the managing editor of Comstock’s. On Twitter @SenaCChristian or For an extended interview with Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, visit YEARS AN N I V E R S A RY Is your company celebrating an anniversary this year? Celebrate with us as we kick-off our 30th Anniversary year, and highlight your company with a Corporate Anniversary Profile. RATING LEB CE ing, INC. M. Ne ils Engineer Years Celebrating 25 of Excellence 25 RY CORPORATE ANNIVERSA YE ARS ion is t client satisfact Experience Achieving consisten meets head-on ev- Regional Project Auditorium rm on to clients e that the fi Memorial on time e and dedicati a a challeng • Sacramento projects done Regional expertis ing, Inc. as “Clients want deliver that, Exterior Lighting M. 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