Comstock's magazine 0219 - February 2019 - Page 25

ON THE WEB ONLY get social Read the full stories at @kroghdecker: The Long Pint of the Law McGeorge professor develops unique course on the legalities around craft beer @GenevaMaeLewis: Great article, great class! I felt super fortunate to be in the summer class. So excited that @GoodBeerLawProf is writing a textbook Q19 Breathes Life into a Sleepy Midtown Neighborhood on the Rise by Graham Womack @SacAppraiser: Excited to have written a piece this month in @comstocksmag called "Listen to the Listings." Some advice for today's market in the midst of so much overpricing. The once-polluted land at 19th and Q streets transformed into the Brooks Truitt Bark Park in summer 2017. This, in turn, ushered in a series of high-profile residential projects that could make this one of the most densely-populated sections of the central city. The latest is Q19, a 68-unit boutique apartment building that welcomed its first tenants in October. @stevation: Congratulations on the article. It was the first item on their website when I went to read it. So, although you say your crystal ball is broken, it seems an article with this advice is only needed when prices are declining or expected to decline. Am I reading too much into that? Foodie Incubator Coming to Sacramento by Jennifer Fergesen Sacramento is on track to get a dedicated makerspace for food entrepreneurs who want to launch and scale their brands, from home picklers to amateur charcutiers. The Food Factory, a proposed commercial kitchen and food business incubator, is slated to open its doors by 2020. 65 @comstocksmag: Between the Sacramento makerspace (launched in 2017) and the Modesto makerspace (launched in 2018), Girl Scouts Heart of Central California is able to offer 1700 girls hands-on STEM education. February 2019 | 25