Comstock's magazine 0119 - January 2019 - Page 9

CONTENTS n January 2019 FEATURES 36 48 ON THE COVER: PHOTO: TEDDY MORROW DEVELOPMENT 36 Down to the Details TRANSIT-ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT | FEES & PERMITTING | SENIOR LIVING FACILITIES BUSINESS INSIGHT FOR THE CAPITAL REGION JANUARY ‘19 VOL. 31 | NO. 1 Fees and permitting are a vital tool for municipalities looking to address the housing shortage on a local level. We take a look at different strategies being employed in the region. by Steven Yoder HISTORY 42 Booms and Busts From the squatters who went up against John Sutter to the 2008 Great Recession, we take a long view of the history of housing cycles in the Sacramento region. wanted: housing by Jeff Wilser SENIOR LIVING 48 The New Age of Aging As aging baby boomers approach their golden years, new senior living projects are springing up to accommodate increased demand and offering a new take on "aging with grace." by Sena Christian TRANSPORTATION 54 On the Move City officials and developers are eyeing transit hubs for residential projects — but can it be effective in the Capital Region, which lacks the mass transit hubs of larger cities? by Russell Nichols January 2019 | 9