Comstock's magazine 0119 - January 2019 - Page 71

2018-2019 Capital Region cares A special thank you from Comstock’s to this month’s profile sponsors: At Comstock’s, we seek to drive community engagement and the support of the business com- munity by introducing our readers to the many charitable organizations making an impact in communities across Northern California. These charities — from food banks and animal shelters to museums and hospitals — are changing lives 365 days a year. You’ll read about some of them in this issue of Comstock’s and online at as we build content for what will become our flagship Capital Region Cares annual publication. In 2019, business leaders, philanthropists, volunteers and nonprofit organizers across the region will receive the annual product, Capital Region Cares 2018-2019, filled with moving stories and informative resources. Capital Region Cares 2018-2019 platinum sponsors: January January 2019 2019 | | 71