Comstock's magazine 0119 - January 2019 - Page 66

CONSULTING SHOULD YOU OUTSOURCE? There are organizational pros and cons to consider before establishing a new department BY ALLEN PIERLEONI 66 | January 2019 One of the most complex and conse- quential decisions a business can face is whether to outsource some of its work- load or special projects, or bring in addi- tional personnel for hands-on oversight. At its extreme, the choice can be make-or- break, given the financial investment and restructuring each requires. “Either way, if you want to improve your end results you have to put in more time and money up front to get it right,” says Larry Mandelberg, principal consultant at Man- delberg Consulting. “But there is no guar- antee. It’s one of the ‘Catch-22s’ of modern business.” Each strategy has pros and cons to carefully weigh, experts say. For instance, outsourcing allows decision-makers to hire the expertise their own companies lack. One