Comstock's magazine 0119 - January 2019 - Page 32

n TASTE BOOM ON BROADWAY Infill development helps usher in the next generation of eateries on Broadway’s west end BY Graham Womack PHOTOS: Joan Cusick Josh Nelson opened Selland’s Market Café on Broadway in 2017, becoming one of two new restaurants to open on the strip in recent years. 32 | January 201 9 I t’s another busy evening on the patio at Tower Cafe in Sacramento. The for- mer birthplace of Tower Records, where Russ Solomon once sold albums from be- hind the counter of his father’s drugstore, has been a dining destination since 1990 for residents from nearby Land Park and beyond. Servers on this early autumn weeknight flit about with Tower Cafe sta- ples like pomme frites with three dipping sauces. Until recently, the cafe was one of the only food options west of 16th Street on Broadway, with some of the most well- known establishments east of the inter- section, including Willie’s Hamburgers, Los Jarritos and Pancake Circus. The west end of Broadway heading toward Sacra- mento River, while not completely devoid of restaurants, was largely an industrial hub. Andrea Lepore, cofounder of Hot Ital- ian and Solomon’s Delicatessen in Sacra- mento, serves as a consultant on a dining project at The Mill at Broadway, an infill community being phased in off 5th Street. She says that with an influx of new resi- dences and a promising food scene evolv- ing along the western stretch, this historic corridor is beginning to change, and that each type of development feeds off the other: “You can’t have businesses without people,” Lepore says. Kevin Smith, one of the developers of The Mill at Broadway, remembers when dining options on the west end of the bou- levard were almost non-existent: “In 2008, ‘09 and ‘10 when we were doing our origi- nal entitlements and working on the proj- ect, the west end of Broadway was Jamie’s,