Comstock's magazine 0119 - January 2019 - Page 31

cutting-edge ways of mobility for individ- envious of California for our tax-incre- the people who live there are relocated think it was obviously a step in the wrong uals who move into this development. All and will have first opportunity to return as we build out the phases. Six years after the dissolution of re- development agencies in California in 2012, as you look back now, what do you see as the biggest impact of the decision to eliminate these agencies? In the entire time that I’ve worked at SHRA, I’d say that was one of the most difficult days, to really wrap our minds around the fact that redevelopment had gone away, and that this tool — that was the most innovative way to address blighted neighborhoods, community revitalization and, most importantly, affordable housing — was gone. I had colleagues all across the nation that were ment financing under redevelopment. I direction. In looking back, we could have done things differently that may have prevented that outcome from happen- ing. But trying to be positive and look forward, I think that we need to take the lessons learned and take all of the best of redevelopment that needs to go into ‘Redevelopment 2.0’ and come up with what it should look like going forward. I’m very optimistic and hopeful as there’s a change in the administration. There’s already been a lot of discussion about what a new redevelopment should look like, and we obviously want to be very much at the table giving our input. n Sena Christian is the managing editor for Comstock’s. On Twitter @SenaCChristian or For La Shelle Dozier’s update on SHRA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, visit January 2019 | 31