Comstock's magazine 0119 - January 2019 - Page 26

n ON THE MARKET LISTEN TO THE LISTINGS Three pricing tips for selling your house in 2019 BY Ryan Lundquist THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN SACRA- MENTO REAL ESTATE LAST YEAR WAS OVERPRICING. Sellers seemed trapped in the past and out of sync with what buyers were willing to pay — re- membering how quickly prices rose seven years ago, and expecting the same thing. But the local market has begun to change, so sellers need to stay in touch with current trends and prices. Prices are still up, but they’re not up 26 | January 201 9 by as much this year. For years, our region had seen 7-10 percent price up- ticks like clockwork, but over the past few months we’re seeing 3-6 percent increases instead. Yes, prices are up compared to last year, but the rate of change is shrinking, which tells us the market is slowing down. Many say the market is going to crash; others say prices will correct by 10 percent; some say it will level off and progress into a state of balance. All three of these ideas have one thing in common: They’re guesses. Unfortunate- ly, my crystal ball is broken. I can’t pre- dict the future, but I can offer you some advice for selling your property in 2019. Here’s the overriding principle to keep in mind: You can hire the best agent in town, stage your home and get the most professional photographs ever, but if you don’t understand the relationship between sales and listings, you may struggle to sell.