Comstock's magazine 0119 - January 2019 - Page 23

ON THE WEB ONLY get social Read the full stories at Matthew Wilson: I was the Telemedicine Coordinator waaaay up in McCloud at the tiny rural health clinic in operation there. I can tell you firsthand how beneficial this is for people with little to no ability to travel based on economic or health factors. In underserved areas this is a lifesaver! Sakata Seed America Opens Woodland Innovation Center by Graham Womack @LagunitasIQ: Great message @comstocks- mag! #TakeALookItsInABook When Sakata Seed America was looking to relocate some of its operations from Morgan Hill, there was an easy choice near Woodland. Land values in Morgan Hill were 2-3 times what they were in Yolo County, where Sakata ultimately decided to build its $18.5 million, 215-acre Woodland Innovation Center. Why you should read more — and, more importantly, how to do it New Helvetia Revamps and Rebrands for a New Era by Daniel Barnes Massive growth and paradigm shifts in the brewing industry have made it harder for established brands to stand out. The challenge for New Helvetia Brewing Co. is attracting new customers and rejuvenating its image through ambitious collaborations and a major rebranding — all without alienating a steady and loyal fan base. 78 @comstocksmag #ICYMI: Woodland Mayor Xóchitl Rodriguez is the first woman to hold the position since 1998. Photo: Charles Vincent McDonald January 2019 | 23