Completed 2019 Magazines Sustainable Soul - Page 7




Our first morning after the long travel day, we went to the Sustainability & Education Center where 5 women taught us how to make some traditional jungle meals. The meals included: small mouth fish stuffed (and covered) with cilantro, onions, tomatoes, and peppers; mashed plantain balls, grilled suri (a large grub found in palm trees), smoked pork with more cilantro, raw sugar cane, homemade salsa, and a tapioca root drink. Everyone in the group was jumping at the chance to help the women with stuffing and wrapping the fish, spearing the grubs with a skewer, or peeling the plantains.

We learned about how the women in the villages cook, as well as how the villagers find the ingredients to feed their families. Fishing in the morning is an important part of their daily life, enabling them to have fresh, safe fish to eat. These women

gave up their time to open up our eyes to a very vital part of their lives and we are truly grateful for this unique opportunity. We shared the enthusiasm we had with these women and our thirst for a deeper understanding of their culture.