Completed 2019 Magazines Sustainable Soul - Page 11

We visited the Santa Monica Orphanage in Iquitos. The ages of the children range from just days old to 18 years old. We spent an afternoon there playing with them. The older children watched over the younger children. They were all so excited to talk to us. The children's excitement left a mark in all of our hearts and we all will never be able to forget how sweet they were,


Santa Monica


"Unfortunately, while in the Amazon, three of us fell ill and got to see the clinic first hand. I was more than a little nervous to see what the clinic would be like but managed to stay visibly calm while the nurse Juvencio attended to my needs. Thankfully Roldan was there to translate and help me communicate with Juvencio. The experience ended up being very comforting and put my fears of being sick in the middle of the jungle at ease."

- Maelyn

ReNuPeRu Ethnobotanical Garden

We were not too sure what to expect when we made our way to visit the shaman. Once there, we learned how they treated the local people with all natural medicines from plants that grow in the surrounding jungle. The medicinal plants are used to treat a wide range of ailments. From things as simple as acne, bug bites, and sore

muscles to arthritis, snake bites, and even some forms of cancer!

Several of the girls participating in the negative energy removal ceremony.