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The shaman treats locals with all-natural medicines from plants grown in a garden that he tends to regularly. The medicinal plants treat acne, arthritis, bug bites, snake bites, muscle soreness, and sunburns.


The clinic was founded in 1990 by Dr. Linnea

Smith, M.D. She gave up her Wisconsin

medical practice and started to provide

medical services to the people of Peru.

Today the clinic treats 2500-3000 patients a

year. The services the clinic provides are

family planning, prenatal care and birthing,

dental care, treatment of snakebites,

cholera, parasites, malaria, care of trauma,

and treatment of a multitude of infectious

diseases. The other staff members include a

local resident, Edemita, Juvencio, two

Peruvian nurses, a Peruvian doctor, and

three local men who care for the clinic.

Edemita is a clinic manager who was trained

by Linnea. Juvencio is a nurse, medic,

malaria slide reader, and clinic engineer. This

\year on the PT experience, three students

made a trip to the clinic due to unfortunate

medical circumstances. Roldan helped the

girls communicate with the Spanish

speaking doctor but despite the language

barrier, the staff at the clinic treated them as

if they were from the local village.

Yanamono Clinica