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These two individuals helped shape our experience and shift our perspectives. Each have a unique story and passion for expanding the mission of Eko Amazon

We grew close with these inspiring role models and wanted to know them a little better. After conducting interviews, we pulled some of the most interesting bits of information .


Project Term 2019

During our 7 days in the remote Peruvian Amazon, we had the opportunity to stay in four amazing, all natural lodges. Explorama Lodge, ExplorNapo, ACTS and Ceiba Tops. Each lodge was unique and built from all natural products for the surrounding jungle. It showed us that people can interact with and yet protect nature. The rooms at the Explorama lodge included 2 beds, a fan, a bathroom inside the room, and amazing cooks who prepared really awesome meals for us everyday! We moved from the Lodge to ExplorNapo located on the Sucasari River just off the Napo. Here we slept in mosquito nets and had open roofs that allowed us to look straight up into the thatched roofs. The following night, we stayed at ACTS (Amazon Conservancy of Tropical Studies), a research station in the middle of the Amazon. What made this place extra special was the canopy walkway was right at our fingertips. On our last night in the rainforest, we stayed at Ceiba Tops resort which is named after a beautiful and massive Ceiba tree deep in the jungle portion of the property. Each of these lodges allowed us to experience the rainforest in a way we never could have imagined and we were able to relax and take in the sounds of the jungle!





Ceiba Tops