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"The people in Peru work so hard despite the challenges they face. They also value education and continue furthering their English. I believe we can all learn a lot from the people in Peru. "

- Maya

"My heart has been filled with joy this week, the people I've met have taught me to simplify and enjoy my life. I'm so grateful for them." - Cate

"The experience made me look at the world around us in a whole new way. I was especially inspired by the way they used nature in their everyday lives."

- Victoria

"The beautiful people in Peru touched me in a unique way that has sparked a new found inspiration for change and putting in effort into making things happen for the world. "

- Ava

"When people ask me how my experience was, I find myself lacking words to describe all that I/we experienced. It was inspiring to spend time with the kids because they truly live in the moment."

- Maelyn

"This experience brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged my ideas of love, success, and true happiness. We learned of a new perspective on life and nature. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities we were given."

- Claire

"I realized what is important in life. Society does a good job of defining success as excelling academically or driving a nice car but it fails to mention the happiness in life. The people I met have a completely different and unique outlook on life." - Gracie

" Interacting with the people in Iquitos taught me how much of an impact positivity has in one’s life. Everyone encountered was generous and loving and it made me realize we should all be spreading positivity in our lives."

- Maria

"My experience completely reformed my overall outlook on life and made me find a deeper respect for the world around me. As cliche as it sounds, my time in the Amazon was truly life changing." - Gisele

"This experience has put into perspective how blessed I am. I have many opportunities that I take for granted while the people we met in Peru are so happy and content with what they have and I want to remember their optimism when I complain about trivial things. " - Kate

"Words cannot fully depict the

impact experience I had in the

Amazon. Not only did this project

term expand my global awareness, it

helped me gain a love for immersing

into new cultures." - Gabby

"This experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I have been inspired, encouraged and moved by the people I met and the people I got to go with. I am extremely fortunate to have gone to Peru and I will be eternally grateful!" - Rachel

"Being in Peru has helped shape my outlook on life, as the people there truly live in the moment, and live simply. Each person I met was so down to earth and kind, and I hope to incorporate what I have learned into my daily life."

- Margaret

"It is hard to describe the feeling I have from going to Peru. The people of Peru are grateful for the little things they have but in America we complain about everything. I felt free and alive like I was called to be there and meet the Peruvian people." - Serenity