Compassionate Integrity Training Final CIT training manual 11-30 - Page 84

Compa ssionate Integrit y Tr a ining A S e cu l a r Ethic s A ppr oac h to C ulti vat ing Pe rs on al, S o ci al and E n vir on me n tal F lo u r i shing Series II: Relating to Others Skill 5: Impartiality and Common Humanity Series II shifts from a focus on ourselves to a focus on others Learning Outcomes and how we relate to them. We already tend to exhibit compassion, empathy, generosity and tolerance toward those we love. This comes naturally. To extend these emotions and attitudes toward strangers and those we feel distant Content ● Participants will explore explicit and implicit bias and methods for weakening them. from, we need to recognize common humanity and cultivate a degree of impartiality. Without a degree of impartiality, bias ● Participants will explore what we all have in can distort our compassion such that we could even treat common as human beings, such as wanting others unethically or harmfully out of preference for those we happiness and wanting to avoid harm and like. Too much preferential treatment and excessive loyalty, suffering. however, actually harms ourselves, our society and even our loved ones, because it is out of step with our interdependence, ● Participants will learn that psychological essentialism (relating to categories as if they our sense of justice and our common humanity. By cultivating had real, fixed essences) can have harmful impartiality and recognizing that all human beings seek effects and perpetuate injustice and division. more happiness and less suffering, we see that we are equal in a fundamental way. If we think deeply about this equality as we develop pro-social attitudes and skills, we can learn Practice to direct them toward all people impartially. ● Participants will learn to reduce partiality and bias and increase a sense of common humanity by reflecting on the superficial nature of the categories of friend, enemy and stranger in light of the deeper commonalities shared by all people. Ce n t e r for Compa s sion , I nteg r i t y and S e cu l ar E t hics | L ife Uni ve rsi t y | M ar ie t ta, G e or g i a - 78 -