Compassionate Integrity Training Final CIT training manual 11-30 - Page 83

Compa ssionate Integrit y Tr a ining A S e cu l a r Ethic s Appr oa c h to C ulti vat ing Pe rs on al, S o ci al and E n vir on me n tal F lo u r i shing Series II: Relating to Others Based on the skills in Series I, which focused on developing an awareness of oneself and the cultivation of genuine compassion for oneself, Series II turns to focus outward in order to improve relationships with others. This involves examining how we interact with others so that we avoid actions and attitudes that may cause harm and cultivate the actions and attitudes that help others. Ce n t e r for Compa s sion, I n teg r i t y a nd S e cu l ar E t hics | L ife Uni ve rsi t y | M ar ie t ta, G e or g i a