Compassionate Integrity Training Final CIT training manual 11-30 - Page 80

Compa ssionate Integrit y Tr a ining A S e cu l a r Ethic s A ppr oac h to C ulti vat ing Pe rs on al, S o ci al and E n vir on me n tal F lo u r i shing Contemplative Journal Questions Skill 4: Self-Compassion Instructions: These journal questions are designed to help reinforce the skills you are learning in CIT. The greatest benefit will come from repeated consideration of these questions over time. They can be used in connection with, or in place of, the Contemplative Practice recordings found on the CIT website. Since space in this book is limited, you may wish to answer these questions in your personal journal. Exercise #2: Hedonic Treadmill Start with bringing to mind a resource or focus on the contact of your body with a surface, object or another body part, and allow yourself to notice any neutral or pleasant sensations that arise in your body. 1. Thinking about the past few weeks or months, what are some of the things that have occupied most of your thoughts and actions? 2. What are you trying to achieve, if anything, by doing and thinking about these things (i.e., what goals are you pursuing)? 3. What are you trying to avoid? 4. How do these pursuits relate to your inner values? 5. Consider a time you achieved something similar to an item you described in question 2. How long lasting was the happiness you experienced when you achieved this goal? 6. Consider a time you experienced a difficulty like one listed in question 3. How long lasting was the difficulty? How long was it before you shifted your attention to the next difficulty that could befall you? 7. In looking back over your answers, is there any correlation between those goals that strengthen your inner values versus those that rely on external factors? 8. Are there times when striving for thes Rv2BG'rFfBFW6RFff7VFW26W6W2R7G&W72熖WG"F7@VWF6ǒ6W6r&FW'6VbBFW'3r6VBR&6FW6R6GVF2FffW&VFǒvW&RvR6FVRF6&R&&FVǒf"W'6VfW2BFW'2vFWBVFrF2V6熖WG7G&W72B&vBW"VƗFW26VBRFWfVF&6FW6R6GVF2vFw&VFW"VF&6RB6Vb676FBRv6vG2g&FF( 2W&VG&W3b6WvB6vG2RvVBBvFW֖v@&RfV&R6RBR"f"626FVr"BB2R7R"RB72fRVfR'6B"RBFrR"rsB