Compassionate Integrity Training Final CIT training manual 11-30 - Page 45

Compa ssionate Integrit y Tr a ining A S e cu l a r Ethic s Appr oa c h to C ulti vat ing Pe rs on al, S o ci al and E n vir on me n tal F lo u r i shing Sidebar: Meditation CIT includes some optional reflective and Meditation is a word that has become widespread contemplative practices that can be considered in popular culture, but it can be misleading. forms of meditation. As noted in the introduction, Often people think meditation refers to a single CIT is a program of secular ethics, meaning that it practice, such as emptying the mind, but in reality is designed for use by people of any or no religion. there are a host of practices that can be considered The practices included in CIT are therefore meditations, each with their own methods and intentionally designed to not conflict with goals. The fact that the verb “meditate” does anyone’s religious beliefs or practices. That being not require a direct object means that people said, there may still be individuals who prefer can simply say “I meditate” without saying not to engage in any kind of meditative practice what they are meditating on. But in reality, whatsoever, even a secular one. That is perfectly without knowing what a person is meditat )Ս٥Յ́ѥձ䁽ݔЁ܁ݡЁɅѥѡ䁅ɔ) %PͥѡɹհՔՅ䁕)ɍ͕́Ѽѕɹ锁ѡȁչȴ) ݅䁽ɅаѡMͭɥЁQх)хݥѡЁɅѥхѥ%Ё)хаٕѡ̰Ѽɥ䁡܁хѥ)́չѽ %Pȁѡ͔ݡݥ͠Ѽ)ѡѥхѥɅѥ̸)ѕɵ́ѡЁɔɅͱѕ̃qхѥtɔ)ɔɕ͔QMͭɥЁѕɴمȁ)̃qձѥمѥtQ́ɽ́́Ѽ) Ёȁȁ ́ͥ$ѕȁЁ䁄LԁȁЁ́0UٔͤЁ4ȁЁфȁ(䀴