Compassionate Integrity Training Final CIT training manual 11-30 - Page 21

Compa ssionate Integrit y Tr a ining A S e cu l a r Ethic s Appr oa c h to C ulti vat ing Pe rs on al, S o ci al and E n vir on me n tal F lo u r i shing driven by the need to receive and express compassion, abundantly clear that more than water, food and shelter care and kindness. 7 Maternal care is one universal that is needed for our survival and development: we need demonstrates an evolutionary advantage to explain how warmth, affection and compassion. 10 humans have come to be hardwired for compassion. Going beyond maternal care, humans require relationships Every mammal and bird species requires maternal care with others for survival as well. Although human beings for the survival of their offspring. Without maternal sit at the top of the so-called food chain, this is not the care, these species would die off in a single generation. result of our ability to be physically more powerful than As mammals, our human anatomy has similar biological other species, but rather our ability to work together, and physiological systems that make offspring naturally cooperate and protect one another. From an evolutionary seek care and adults naturally provide it. Humans are perspective, as our species evolved, we could never have driven by connection and care. In fact, any species of survived on our own. Social isolation meant physical mammal or bird that does not receive care in the form death, because alone, one would be vulnerable to predators. of touch or contact from another individual from the species, will not fully develop. 8 In particular, unnurtured individuals have physically and anatomically under- developed brains, depleted immune function, and suffer from intense anxiety and depression. 9 It has become In comparison, human beings in a group protecting and caring for each other survive and even thrive. From this understanding, the need to connect and care for others is built into our survival instinct. Ce n t e r for Compa s sion, I n teg r i t y a nd S e cu l ar E t hics | L ife Uni ve rsi t y | M ar ie t ta, G e or g i a - 15 -