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community Magazine Committee editor’s note Welcome back readers to the December issue of your community magazine!! Harshin Agravat - Editor/Chair Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc. Harshin Agravat - Editor/Chair Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc. • Mary Hawk, Esq. Board Liaison Porges, Hamlin, Knowles & Hawk, P,A, What an incredible year 2017 has been. It seems like just yesterday we were all at our first January breakfast. March came to see us launch our community magazine at The Adventurers: Your Community Super- heroes CA Day. It was wonderful to see everyone in their capes and su- perhero outfits ready to be their community’s heroes. Summer came and we all banded together to weather the worst storm season Florida has seen in years. On behalf of our committee, I would congratulate all; events like these exemplify what “Community” really means. Thanks to all our committee members for all their hard work this year. I have truly been blessed to be part of such a dynamic team. I would also like to thank our CAI office staff, the Board of Directors, and our outgoing Board President, Lee Howell, for all their support this year. Finally, on behalf of our committee, I would also like to ex- tend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to our very awesome out- going committee board liaison, Mary Hawk. It is our committee’s goal to always bring our readers great con- tent in every issue. We look forward to working with our new 2018 President, Floyd “Duff” Smiley, and the Board of Directors in making 2018 another fantastic year. Marlene Campana Business Development Director Tannenbaum Scro, P.L. Klaus Frost President Paradise Dryer Vent Cleaning, Inc. Reva Jackson Assistant Vice President - Association Services Cadence Bank Bruce Wingfield Business Development Howell Construction Group, Inc. Harshin Agravat community Editor Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc. RESTRAINT OF TRADE STATEMENT Whenever competitors within an industry gather together, appropriate care must be exercised to ensure that violations of anti-trust laws do not occur. All participants of chapter events should avoid any collusive practices or discussions. Collusion is an agreement to fraud and most usually is evi- denced in the following anti-trust violations: product boycott, restrictive market allocation, refusal to deal with a third party, and price restraining activities. There need not be written or verbal agreements to fraud. Conversations regarding any of these sensitive areas may be construed as implicit violations. You should avoid discussion of pricing, such as the prices you pay and prices you charge, including labor costs; market share and allocation; quality ratings of products or suppliers, particularly those that may cause a competitor to lock out or to cease purchasing from a specific supplier; and/or any other areas that might have anti-competitive repercussions. For your own protection and the protection of your company, CAI recommends that should one of these subjects be brought up in any discussion, it would be in your best interest to voice your objec- tion to it and disassociate yourself from the discussion should it continue. — Adopted by CAI West Florida Chapter Board of Directors June 13, 2017 WWW.CAIWESTFLORIDA.ORG community • December 2017 5