community magazine CAI community magazine December 2017 - Page 47

New tools and technologies, along with new attitudes, are changing all that. For some, this transformation is liberating… for others, it’s terrifying. As a Board President, you can make your life easier if you em- brace technology and use it! Let’s look at how ineffective posting a notice in the lobby has become. How many times has someone called that didn’t see it. Didn’t fully understand it. Didn’t like it. If you and your contractor had embraced technology, perhaps these issues would never have come up in the first place. Cloud-based project manage- ment systems are the wave of the future. Many contractors have embraced this new technology to effectively communicate with their people. And, as it turns out, this same technology can be used to communicate to their clients as well. In “real time” all communi- cation can be placed for everyone to see and interact with. So back to the Board President who re- ceives a call saying, “I didn’t know they were going to be working on my balcony today and making a lot of noise!” That call is not made. n First rule – Board President or the Association Manager receive no phone calls. All inquiries re- lated to the construction process can be posted to the cloud and will be answered between the hours of 9 – 4, Monday through Friday. n Second rule – See first rule. Everyone receives an email or text every time something is sched- uled. Everyone can ask a question or post a picture. All communica- tion is through the interactive cloud-based project management system. What about the people who do not have cell phones? There are almost as many cell-phone subscriptions (6.8 billion) as there are people on this earth (seven billion). So, you may still have to WWW.CAIWESTFLORIDA.ORG Communication is vastly improved when oral communication is replaced . . . . . . with written communication through the Cloud. Cloud-based project management systems are the wave of the future. Improved communication soars with the use of the Cloud. post notices, but the communica- tion is vastly improved when oral communication is replaced with written communication through the cloud. Have you ever heard that when a story is told to one person who retells it to another person and then another person until the story is completely changed? Happens all the time. There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. Communica- tion is complex and so are the many distractions that prevent us from remembering. Just recently I was asked about a price of a project. It had been sent in writing already, and I had only briefly looked at that in- formation. So, I answered around $27,000 or .50 cents a square foot for material and labor. A few days later, this same information be- came 27,000 square feet @ .50 cents a square foot or $13,500. The Board President thought I had made a math error. community • December 2017 As a Board President you have lots of requests for various tasks with lots of different com- munication methods. Stop the time-consuming phone call/email insanity and share data and ac- cess to your accountant, your at- torney, your neighbor, your contractor, all at the touch of a mouse. A good policy might be to just “roll with it.” Tell everyone to go to the cloud! The cloud shows pictures, drawings, policies, any- thing you want to show! This be- comes much better than yelling at people to go to that hot place down-under just because of a communication misunderstand- ing. Ever heard of the saying happy wife, happy life? Trying to communicate to the cloud might work well for construction or association business, but at home, the old fashion method of conver- sation is probably here to stay. At least for now! 47