community magazine CAI community magazine December 2017 - Page 46

How NOT to have a failure to By Bruce Wingfield Business Development Howell Construction Group, Inc. 941-545-8837 46 communicate “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate” is a quotation from the classic 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, spoken by the warden Strother Martin and abridged later by the star, Paul Newman. Communication has always been problematic between even men and women, as de- tailed by the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Wars have been started over a misunderstanding due to a lack of communi- cation. Even J.R. Ewing of Dallas fame may have not gotten shot by his sister-in-law if he had communicated better with her. For condo associations, effective communication is the key to every aspect related to working together in harmony, especially during a construction project. Without proper communication, the late-night phone calls are surely going to occur. When things get ugly it may not be your fault, but trying to convey information in a timely and concise manner may need some work. In this digital age, we can use technology to make communication easy. Not everyone has a smart phone, but the ones that do have a bet- ter chance of effective communication than the peopl H]H[XXYXK]Y][XZH]X\Y\܈[HXB\۝[ H\HوY[]Y[ܘ\X[[\X]HX]\\™]\۝[X\H[[][][ۈY]\[HHقۛYKH\H\Hو۝[ KHܙX\\[[X¸$$\][YܙH\^Y\ˈHܚ][ܙ\۸&][]^K]\Z[[ٛܛYY H^\وZY[[^ۈ\\\\[\[YX[و^\[YX\[[]\[[ܛX][ۈ\B[X\Y\]Y][[H\[][X][ۈ[\K[][]H8(X[X\ M•ːRUTԒQKԑ