community magazine CAI community magazine December 2017 - Page 26

Remember: Communication with all involved parties is a key component of a quality finished job. Plan, Prepare and Implement! • • • Reputation in your market- place General contractor’s license. This applies if you think there might be additional wood or concrete restoration as part of your project. Get three bids on smaller projects and four on larger ones 5. Set a pre-bid meeting with all involved (paint company or engineer/construction consultant will do this for you) • Make this mandatory to bid your project. If you are not important enough or if they are not big enough you will not want them to bid. • Make sure the paint company rep, manager and a minimum of two board members are in attendance. 26 • • • • • Go over entire scope of work. Answer questions from contractors Agree to send an addendum by a specific date if anything changes during this meeting. (This is common as you actually walk the property during the pre-bid meeting) Inform the contractors of whether or not they are providing a port-a-potty Inform everyone of when the project is expected to start Inform the contractors how and when they are to deliver the bid. It should go directly to the board/manager and should be sealed in an envel- ope by a specific date. This is usually two to four weeks depending on the complexity of the requested bid. community • December 2017 6. Select a contractor • Many state the decision is not based on price, however everything has a value and the manager/board has a fiduciary responsibility to be value-conscious. With that said, price may be the easiest component to narrow your list of contractors. I would suggest eliminating the high and low bidder ONLY if there is a significant difference between them • Availability of the contractor to start and complete the project in your timeframe • Call references that closely match your job scope • Reputation • What is their “customer service philosophy?” I believe that in the construction WWW.CAIWESTFLORIDA.ORG