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• Have you had several warranty issues since the last repaint? If the answer to any of the questions above is “yes,” then I would encourage hiring an engi- neer/construction consultant. If none of the above scenarios are evident on your property, it may not be necessary or frugal to in- clude this in the budget. Most re- paints are done with the specifications being written and adhered to by a reputable paint company only. Information needed to make informed decisions In most cases, the paint and wa- terproofing material used in new construction is of builder’s grade and is not designed to last the normal repaint cycle of seven to ten years. This is not to say there is anything wrong with this ap- proach or product, however man- agers and board members should know this going into the decision making process. It is equally im- portant to know the following in- formation on remedial repainting of buildings and in most cases the management and board members should have access to pertinent information from the last time the building was re- painted. With this knowledge the following things should be considered on all painting and waterproofing projects: • All caulking should be in- spected and if needed should be removed and replaced with a high-quality urethane caulk. The Florida sun is very hard on any- thing that allows elasticity for waterproofing. All stucco should be inspected. It is typical of all stucco to show some signs of cracking. However, the size and severity of this will help to decide whether a normal elastomeric patch followed by a high-quality WWW.CAIWESTFLORIDA.ORG *Author’s note: Riverdance is pictured above. It was a first repaint and the board of directors elected to hire a construction consultant in their area who did a great job of defining the scope of work and inspecting the work in progress to ensure the scope was being completed correctly. I would highly recommend that you disqualify any painting/waterproofing company who does not want to work with or highly discourages any third party accountabil- ity. I prefer there to be additional accountability. I believe when warranted, it helps protect both the owners and contractor. sealer and paint will work or will a high-build product designed to bridge these stucco cracks be needed to fully waterproof the en- velope of the building? • Determine whether the build- ing(s) need any additional repairs such as wood repair, concrete restoration or waterproof mem- brane installation. Action plan 1. Determine the timef rame to get your building(s) painted and waterproofed • First repaint: 5-7 years • Remedial repaints: Current need and indicated length of time from last time painted community • December 2017 2. Decide whether you need a paint specification only 3. Decide on a paint manufacturer • Use past experience • Reputation in your marketplace • Warranty • Responsiveness 4. Decide on which contractors you want to bid your project • Look at experience and years in business • Ask for references and call them continued on page 26 25