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Painting & waterproofing your property: How to get started Importance of painting and waterproofing The painting and waterproofing of your building(s) is arguably the single most important budgeted item that any board or management company has to deal with. This article will try and simplify the process to help you decide which direction to go. Always remember, the biggest ongoing enemy to your property is moisture/water penetrating the envelope of your building. Engineer/construction manager vs. Paint Manufacturer Specification It is important to note that in all cases a detailed Paint Manufacturer Specification will be needed to start the process. The warranty given will come from the paint manufacturer in writing and should include both labor and material. It will usually be seven or ten years depend- ing on the quality of the material specified. Always get a price for both seven and ten years so you can make an informed decision based on the amortized cost of each. By Donny Morelock Owner, “CPR” Concrete Painting & Restoration 941-755-1458 24 Is it necessary to hire an engineer or construction consultant? The answer will depend on several things, among them these: • Is this the building(‘s) first repaint? • Are you experiencing any severe waterproofing issues with the building? • Are there any significant wood or concrete issues that need to be addressed? community • December 2017 WWW.CAIWESTFLORIDA.ORG