community magazine CAI community magazine December 2017 - Page 20

We’ve waited all year for you to get us out of the attic! By Dee Smith Rat Lady, NaturZone Pest Control 941-378-3334 20 Happy holidays! Tis the season for trimming of the house and trees! We roaches, silverfish and spiders have been sitting in a your hot, damp and sometimes breezy attic just wondering when you’re going to drag our collective exhausted butts down. We have endured so many elements we thought we would die, but we just had to torture you one last time before you either step on us, drown us with a can of Raid or splat us with a fly swatter. We are one of the many critters that love hanging out in the hot attic in card- board boxes, under tons of wooden yard ornaments and forgotten treasures. Well friends, we wouldn’t be here if you had used your noggin and put that stuff away the proper way. Yes, there is a right way and an easy, cheap, good-for-me way. Let’s start with the cheap way. Card- board boxes are cheap — usually free— and put together with paper, lots of glue and even more paper that you wrap those Christmas orna- ments in to keep from breaking — that is until I crawl in one and you throw it on the floor because we were living in there all year cozily sleeping and pooping. You get the picture?? We silverfish love those Christmas and holiday cards that you save year after year to remember who sent you the cards last year, so you can send to them again this year. Yes, people, paper cards are still made and people still buy them, get writer’s cramp signing and ad- dressing them. And the glue from those stamps! Don’t get us started! community • December 2017 WWW.CAIWESTFLORIDA.ORG