Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 43

Mold Specialist, Asbestos building inspector, Pack out certified, Advanced Structural Drying out specialists, Health and Safety specialists and more. • Water/Flood Damage • Advanced Structural Drying • Mold Remediation • Fire, Odor and Smoke • Pack out • Crawl space remediation • Ice blasting • Board ups • Put back • Sewage Damage Mitigation Note we can provide one bill for all the work from start to finish! Building Maintenance Division: Our building maintenance division has over 100 years collectively of HOA experience • Building and Lighting maintenance agreements available • Wood rot and damage repair/ replacement • Gutter inspection repair and replacement • Fence installations, all types of repair and/or replacement • Stucco, Concrete and brick repair/replacement • Welding and fabrication • Flooring (all types) • Windows and doors weather proofing or replacement • Car port repair/replacement • Handrail and fascia repair replacement • Plumbing • Electrical • Landscape drains, clearing and or replacing CI: What does next year look like for you? SB: Looking ahead to 2018, we know this will be our best year yet, because Managers, Board Members and even other vendors appreciate our commitment to the HOA industry. CI: What do you mean by your “commitment to the HOA industry”? SB: Our business is 100% geared toward the HOA industry. Outside the industry, we are not doing commercial buildings, apartments or remodels, but we are focused 100% toward the HOA Manager, the Board Members and their clients. CI: What are your thoughts on being the first Titanium member ever? SB: We were fortunate to be the first CAI San Diego Titanium member and to show our commitment we renewed at that level for 2018 and the award was for the 2016 Business of the Year. CI: We have heard you mention your “value proposition,” what is that? SB: Our value proposition is second to none, when Managers are supporting our core competencies, they get me overseeing their projects (nobody has more licenses and certification than me as it relates to our core competencies) plus best pricing guarantee and industry leading extended warranty and more… don’t want to give too much away! For all your HOA needs me today: (619) 750-7901 or email me at Experience just how easy and personable it is to do business with us! We look forward to hearing from you. • Painting Sincerely, • Vandalism recovery Steve Brink • Roof patches and maintenance Principal New & Rejoining Members – WINTER 2017 Acosta, Ramona – 08/17 Adams, Susan – 09/17 Addington, Chad – 09/17 Best, Terry – 08/17 Bick, Daniel – 08/17 Blackwell, Brian – 09/17 Bland, Eric – 08/17 Bley, Shannon – 09/17 Bley, Stephanie – 09/17 Bower, Philip – 08/17 Briskin, Sharon – 08/17 Charest, Phillip – 08/17 Evans-Holiday, Leslie – 08/17 Fernandez, Lance – 09/17 Ferrara, Timothy – 08/17 Graham, Lori – 08/17 Hamilton, Terri – 08/17 Hammonds, Hunter – 08/17 Huntington, Sandy – 10/17 Kinney, James – 09/17 LaBahn-Cornett, Joanna – 10/17 Lacina, Micah – 10/17 Nash, Vosh – 08/17 Newman, Lee – 09/17 Norris, Steven – 09/17 Pappas, Johnny – 08/17 Pedicone, Mark – 10/17 Pena, Carmen – 08/17 Pennington, Kevin – 08/17 Richardson, Jennifer – 10/17 Rohrbaugh, Adam – 09/17 Rozycki, Tina – 08/17 Smith, Jo – 08/17 Tan, Allysia – 08/17 Treziok, MaryAnn – 08/17 Valladolid, Mayu – 09/17