Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 4

THE INSIDER COMMUNITY BUILDING, MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP A Richard Ybarra, a San Diego native, attended St. Augustine High, Southwestern College, Chapman University and earned a graduate degree from Harvard University. Richard has been CAI San Diego Executive Director since 2015. He brings an extensive background in Business, nonprofits, community building, politics, and organizational leadership. His passion is working with people to get things done, promoting teamwork, coaching and reaching goals. s we look to end 2017 on a high note, there is so much for which to be grateful and to reflect on when it comes to community living, managing and improvement. Just as “all politics are local,” “all communities are home.” Our fast paced lives make it challenging to stop, see what we are doing, who we are and with whom we are living. Our on-going experiment with community association living is being conducted every day in several thousand associations in San Diego County. As we reflect on this year and look forward to the next, this is a good time to take stock on what we can do to improve our own actions, communities and people around us. Managers and Management Companies are at the heart of community association life, joined by HOA Boards with whom they manage and by self- managed HOA’s. For too many years this multi-billion dollar industry has been undefined and the management field given too little credit for the critical role it and they play in keeping communities as harmonious places to reside, as manicured as possible to protect home values, while balancing the interests and styles of diverse property owners. Homeowners and managers, plus CAI business members, are the providers of better community life for many. Anyone who misses this point, should see the full-page ad on the new and discounted HOA membership in this issue. CAI San Diego, and our 60 affiliates across the country, is at the forefront of leadership programs for homeowner leaders and managers, as well having the top business service professional businesses who service HOA’s in our region. Working together is a learned behavior which property managers and homeowner board members work to improve upon every day, week and year. Recognition Several years have passed since a new HOA decided to join CAI’s Buck a Door Program ($1 per year for state legislative advocacy) that is the voice for HOA’s and homeowners in California. Rachael Robenolt (360 Community Management) enrolled seven new HOA’s in September. Kudos to the 55 homeowner leaders and managers who referred them, for attending this year’s all-day Homeowner Leadership Workshop. Leaders learning to lead better! Congrats to our Board members for leading and sponsoring a toast to our LSC Committee and for moving way up in state CLAC contributions. Looking Ahead: Members, non-members, public at-large are invited • Friday, December 8 • Friday, January 19 Holiday Trade Show & Committees Reception Annual Awards & Gala – Hollywood Dress, featuring red carpet, great dining & dancing CAI advertisers and members are the top professional service providers serving San Diego County HOA’s. If you are looking for information, knowledge and/or services for your community, join, contact or call CAI San Diego. We appreciate them and all CAI advertising and event sponsors. 4 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER | WINTER 2017 WWW.CAI-SD.ORG