Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 38

WHAT’S NEW IN 2017? STATUTORY UPDATE By: Jonathan D. Massie, ESQ. The California legislature has been busy creating new statutes impacting Common Interest Developments. The following is a summary of four pieces of legislation that are of particular interest. 1. AB 534 (Gallagher) – Common Interest Developments: Mechanics Liens. Currently, in a condominium project, Civil Code Section 4615 prohibits mechanics liens from being filed against any other property in the condominium unless that owner has expressly consented to or requested performance of the labor or furnishing of materials or services, except in the case of emergency repairs to the condominium. This bill expands application of Section 4615 to all Common Interest Developments, not just condominium developments. AB 534 amends Civil Code Section 6658 broadening an owner’s ability to remove his or her separate interest from a lien recorded against two or more separate interests by paying to the lienholder the prorated share attributable to that owner’s unit, or recording a lien release bond in an amount equal to 125% of th H[HX\YBHY[P LYX[ۈ \]Z\H[B\X][ۈXHHY[X\\و[HY[[YۈH[[ۈ\XH][ ^\و\XKX[ۈ LNH\YYH][H\X\[H\X][ۈ\Y[وHۙ\܈ܚ˜\]Y[H[[ۈ\X\[Y\\XBوX\وHZ[KP L\YۙYHBݙ\܈ۈ[H L  M[XY\YX]B[X\H K N P LLH ^Y\HX[\N[ٙ\Y\΂X\˂Y\[]X]Y\[YH[[ܝYHܜܘ][ۋY\[][ۘ[[ܝYB\X][ۋY\[YH[[[\X]HY[X]\H\\[[\[܈\\HX[[[[ܝY\ۈ\Y\ŒSQQSUSUHSQTST MB[[X\YH]]H[ٙ\Y\ K˜\H[\[HY\ZYHXXYX^Y\[\YHH][\\\وH[H[\X[H\Yٙ]X\[\ۛY[[Z]Y][ۂ܈\][Y[ˈ^\[]\]Z\\HXZ]\وHYH\Hۙ][ۈو^[Y[œXܙXYYY[ܛX][ۈ[HZ[و]KP LLH[Y[][HX[ۈ LLHœݚYH][\HXYYY^\[ۈ[\Y\[Y[][ۜ\Y\܈ܙX]YY\XX\H  LKHY\ܞH[]\۝Z[[]X\ M \[XH\K\Z[[ܛX][ۋ[Y[]Y\[\[Y[Y\˜\HX]YHX[[[[ܝY\ۂ\Y\[[X\YH]ݚYBH\X[Y]X[\H[[X\Y []YH\ۈ\\\XH\K]\ۈX^H]HYX[H؝Z[[[[[ˈ\•ːRKT ԑ