Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 20

Emergency Preparedness – Investing in your Community’s Safety By: Olga Menendez A nother perfect day in San Diego and Emma Sanders is enjoying the retirement life on her tenth-floor balcony. She drank her Sanka, but suddenly her world and those of surrounding residents turned upside down in a flash. Instantly, there was a loud boom and shock wave that cascaded through her walls and soul. The lights went out, and she screamed with countless others as war visited this place of peace. see the cracks in her ceiling as she made her way to the elevators, which she would soon find were not working. Mrs. Sanders was caught in a cacophony of explosions caused by a gas leak in the building. She did not have a flashlight and could not As a community association, you have some responsibility to ensure that your residents and staff know what to do during emergencies. Buildings above two stories are required to have emergency procedures in place whether through signage or a 20 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER | WINTER 2017 When the fire chief arrived, he had an impossible task of evacuating residents needing assistance because the homeowner’s association had outdated records onsite and was not maintaining a list of those needing assistance. Evacuating this building safely and putting out the fire caused by the gas explosion was going to be a near impossible task because the community was not prepared. Emergency preparedness saves lives; those of your residents, your staff and the emergency responders. The fire department’s first task when they arrive onsite is to get everyone safely evacuated before they start fighting the fire. WWW.CAI-SD.ORG