Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 17

limited control over who enters. Even developments with a staffed “guard house” are better off referring simply to the “entrance” and “entrance monitor” or “entrance supervision.” Once a person enters, the entrance monitor has almost no control over what he/she does. Although some owners might like the panache that comes from having a “staffed guard house,” there is no benefit to the association itself from referring to it as such. In order to diminish the possibility of lawsuits, associations should regularly remind owners, in the annual mailing and/or the newsletter that the development is not a secured community and that owners should take whatever steps they feel are appropriate for their own protection. Such disclaimers might result in owners wanting to install more lights, cameras, and the like, and associations should consider being more accommodating of such requests. Of course, this does not mean a blank check in allowing such measures; it merely means that allowing a bit more liberty in this regard places the burden where it belongs: on the owners to provide for their own security. Yes, now you can sound the foghorns. Dear CAI San Diego Members: CAI San Diego will be expanding our publications in 2018. Community Insider magazine will be increasing to six issues yearly. We are also looking for original content to post on our LinkedIn page. You are an important part of our publication initiatives, and we know you have lots of knowledge to share with peers to support their becoming better managers, board members and industry professionals! Our hard-working Publications Committee is excited to invite you to submit an article for an upcoming CAI – San Diego publication. Why you should submit: Share your skills, experiences, and knowledge with community association industry leaders. Publish in a unique community forum that brings association professionals, service providers and homeowners together. Play a part in improving community spirit and living while promoting the industry’s professionalism. Please email Dee Waite at for more information on how to submit.