Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 16

Let ’ s Be Direct : Don ’ t Call It Security


In Shakespeare ’ s Romeo and Juliet , Juliet sweetly asks , “ What ’ s in a name ? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet .” ( Act 2 , Scene 2 .) Were Juliet the community manager for Fair Verona Community Owners Association , she might well say , “ What ’ s in a name ? That which we call ‘ limited community monitoring ’, by another name , might help get us sued .” That ‘ other name ,’ is “ security .” Let us be direct : do not call it security . Just stop it .

We commonly refer to the person who walks or drives through the development as the “ security guard ”; after all , he or she works for the “ security company .” The concern is that the word “ security ,” brings to mind the notion of being secure , but this is not what associations intend by contracting for limited community monitoring . Thus , the better practice is to use a more accurate term . If the “ security company ” is really just providing a parking supervision service to check for inappropriately parked cars , then call it “ parking monitoring ,” “ parking supervision .,” If the “ security guard ” – please , hold the mini-fog horn sounds until the end – has been contracted to merely serve as a set of eyes , then refer to it as “ limited community monitoring .”
Repeatedly using “ security ” feeds into a mistaken belief that the association provides a secure environment . This is normally not the case . Even within a gated community , the gate normally provides
Let’s Be Direct: Don’t Call It Security BY LUIS E. VENTURA, ESQ. I n Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet sweetly asks, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Act 2, Scene 2.) Were Juliet the community ma ȁ)ȁYɽ չ=ݹ)ͽѥ͡Ёݕͅ+q]ӊéQЁݡ)ݔaѕչ)ѽɥd䁅ѡȁ)ЁЁ́ՕtQ+aѡȁd̃q͕ɥ今t1Ё)ɕ聑ЁЁ͕ɥ))Ёѽи())M8%< =55U9%Qd%9M%H))]%9QH$)]ɕȁѼѡͽݡ݅́ȁɥٕ́ѡɽ՝)ѡٕЁ́ѡq͕ɥ䁝Յɓt쁅ѕȁȁ͡)ݽɭ́ȁѡq͕ɥ䁍今tQɸ́ѡЁѡݽɐ+q͕ɥ䳊tɥ́Ѽѡѥ͕ɔЁѡ́)ЁݡЁͽѥ́ѕ䁍Ʌѥȁѕչ)ѽɥQ̰ѡѕȁɅѥ́Ѽ͔ɔɅє)ѕɴ%ѡq͕ɥ䁍t́ɕ䁩Ёɽ٥ɭ)٥͕ͥ٥Ѽȁɽɥѕɭ̰ѡ)Ѓqɭѽɥtqɭ٥ͥt%ѡq͕ɥ)ՅɓtL͔ѡɸͽչ́չѥѡL)ɅѕѼɕ͕͕ٔ́Ё̰ѡɕȁѼЁ+qѕչ䁵ѽɥt)Iѕͥq͕ɥt́ѼхѡЁѡ)ͽѥɽ٥͕́ɔ٥ɽиQ́́ɵ䁹Ёѡ)͔ٕݥѡѕչ䰁ѡєɵɽ٥)]]\ $M=I