Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 12

COMMITTEE UPDATES BUSINESS PARTNER by Liron Shalom-Hickey Recently, the Business Partner Committee hosted their Business Partner Appreciation Reception – which was a lovely, nicely attended evening. We were excited about this awesome event at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, as this was the one event where we focused on the Business Partners and presented the CAI San Diego 2018 Marketing Plan. We also welcomed Management Companies to join this night and express their support and appreciation by sponsoring the night. Thank You to those that were able to! We also want to thank Heather Wiltshire with the Membership Committee for joining our October meeting and helping us understand how we can assist them and CAI with increasing memberships! by Tim Flanagan & Rebecca McDonald For the second year in a row, the Education Committee has opened up its program selection process so that every member of CAI has an equal opportunity to submit their ideas and present their programs.  This is a sea change from CAI-SD’s past practices and the Education Committee would like to thank the Board of Directors, and Richard and his staff for working with the | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER The Education Committee is now in the process of finalizing the entire slate of programs for the 2018 calendar year.  Some of the 2018 programs include: 1) best practices for pesticide use; 2) handling DFEH investigations; 3) creating a SMART community; and 4) developing a maintenance matrix that fits your community.  While the selection process is over, the hard work is just beginning as the Education Committee’s Program Coordinators will work with the presenters to craft a polished and professional program.  If you are interested in having a role in developing the programs, the Education Committee could always use extra volunteers.  Please feel free to reach out to the Committee Chairs, if you are interested in joining.  LEGISLATIVE SUPPORT EDUCATION 12 Committee to accomplish this goal.  The open process has yielded many great program ideas. Thank you to all of those who spent time to submit your proposals! | WINTER 2017 by Kieran Purcell, ESQ. The CAI San Diego Chapter Legislative Support Committee (LSC) is a volunteer committee comprised of Homeowner Leaders, Community Managers and Business Partners which serves the San Diego Chapter and common interest developments by staying up to date on California legislative issues. The LSC has 2 delegates who direct the LSC’s review of the bills introduced each year in Sacramento, help determine which ones may )Ё %́ݽɬݥѠ 'é1ͱѥٔٽє1ե ɽݸѼ)͕ѡѥٔ́ȁѡͥѥٔ́ѡ͔)̸ ɕѱ䰁ѡ1M ́ͼɝݥѠɅͥѡ)ͅѼѡM ѕˊéȁ͡ɔ 'é ɹ)ٽ䁕̸!ѽɥѡȁѕ́ٔͼ͕ٕ́1M )]]\ $M=I