Community Insider Winter 2017 - Page 11

Work with the very best. As one of the few Accredited Association Management Companies (AAMC®), all of our work is focused on fulfilling client objectives, providing proactive management, continued improvement of the property, increasing the quality of our homeowner’s lives, all provided in a transparent fashion. Combining our 35 years of experience with high integrity, and a passion for what we do, we help our clients and our team members achieve results never thought possible. We are always improving. We pride ourselves on creating a culture where all voices are heard and diversity is embraced. At Avalon, we focus on building an environment that values and thrives on our diverse pool of employees with the broadest range of talent, knowledge and skills to serve best our communities. Want to know more? Contact us! We will be more than happy to provide you with information on how we partner with you to provide a community or workplace that you are proud to be part of.