Community Insider Summer 2018 - Page 35

Reported by the San Diego Union Tribune in March, residents in Del Mar, Encinitas, and Solana Beach may be seeing similar vehicle-sharing programs in their cities as early as this summer.   Now that ride-share programs permeate our neighborhoods, what can homeowners’ associations do about it? For the one-off eyesore, simply call the bike or scooter company to request a pickup. Many programs offer customer support and responsive maintenance teams. Promptly report damaged bikes or scooters so they can be collected and repaired. For groups of bikes or scooters scattered around a building or park, consider installing a small bike rack for residents to park shared vehicles that won’t impede the rights-of way on the public sidewalk. Work with the ride-sharing company to have bikes and scooters monitored daily and placed neatly in a designated area each evening. Most importantly, educate residents about local laws and ordinances in your neighborhoods and promote common-sense usage. The Downtown San Diego Partnership lists the following suggested general rules: and business-owners have described the bikes as nuisances. CBS News 8 reported in March that the city of Coronado declared the bikes a public nuisance and is using public resources to impound bikes left stationary while fining the dockless bike company $45 per bike. According to a KPBS report in March, The Little Italy Association is also working to ban these bikes in their district and had crews relocate the bikes to a street outside the district’s boundaries. Some residents are concerned about personal safety when sharing the sidewalk with a bike or scooter weaving in and out of pedestrians on foot. Other residents are concerned about the law, since parking a bike or scooter on a public sidewalk in a way that impedes wheelchair access may violate federal disability laws  Still, other associations such as the El Cajon Business Improvement Association sees the new program as an opportunity to promote local businesses, as reported by KPBS. The association hosts group rides that stop at business to sample local fare from North Park to City Heights. According to the Facebook event page, the “Bike-Share Bike Mob” sees dockless bikes as “an affordable, healthy, and convenient way to experience our city and navigate our daily lives.” • Use the kickstand – don’t lean the bike against trees, meters, street furniture, or on their s FW2( &gW&GW&RW2V&Ɩ26FWvƷ2( 2FB2FR&V&WGvVVFP&BBFRVFW7G&&vBbv( F( B&FR7G&VWB"&r7G2VW72FW6vFVB&P&r6F( F( B&&fFR&W'GvFWBW&֗76( Ɩ֗BFR&FW"W"fV6R( WF6VFrW6W'26VB6FRfV6RBF6V7W&RBf"FPWBW6W"( fV6W26VBB&6&2f&RG&G2vVV6"66W72VFW7G&&vG2bvF'v2G&fWv2"VW&vV766W72( VWG2&R&WV&VB'rf"&FW'2bVV7G&266FW"VWG2&P&WV&VB'rf"&FW'2rBVFW"VV7G&2767B&W2( VV7G&2fV6W27V62VV7G&2767B&W0BVV7G&266FW'2&R&&FVB'pg&&VrW&FVBFR6FWvƲ VFW7G&ǒ7G&VWG2( Ɩ֗BR&FW"W"VV7G&2767B&R VV7G&266FW"( VV7G&266FW'2fR7VVBbR( VV7G&266FW"&FW'2W7BfRfƖBG&fW.( 0Ɩ6V6RB&RfW"FRvRbF&FRV֖ǒvGFV&R2FPvVW&vW"b&VvW'2766F&VFǒvVB'f'7E6W'f6R&W6FVF( v2frG&ff2w266@66FVvuur44B$p3P