Community Insider Summer 2018 - Page 30

The easy and inexpensive way to deal with what could become a messy “Solar Free For All” is to prepare a board approved solar map for the roofs of every building in the complex done by an impartial, third party. Now, when an owner applies to install solar, the board can simply hand him a pre-approved map of the roof that shows exactly where panels can be installed. The roof photo shows a 4 plex with the roof space allocated for solar panels outlined in yellow, with the unit number assignment. It is encouraged for an association board to get out in front of what could become a high conflict issue if solar companies are allowed to arbitrarily assign “Equitable Allocation” in favor of their customers as outlined in this new law. 30 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER SUMMER 2018 This issue is best treated with proactive expense and planning rather than ignored until forced to take action. Perhaps your community will never have a submission for installation of solar panels on the roof, but can you afford to take the chance? Best practice, as with all issues that impact the entire membership, is to discuss the issue at the next board meeting. LARRY ISEN specializes in commercial sales for HOAs at SolarTech and can be reached at larry@