Community Insider Summer 2018 - Page 29

So, imagine a case where two owners in the same building use two different solar contractors, each with different plans for “Equitable Allocation”: Homeowner A is the first to install solar in a 4 plex, and is ok with 25% of the usable space, but is taking the south facing roof even though homeowner A lives on the north side of the buil ding. The reason is that panels facing south can produce twice as much energy, sometimes more, than a north facing orientation. Three months later Homeowner B now wants to install solar. The solar company hired by homeowner B learns that the “Equitable Allocation” written into the law is not so equitable since homeowner A already took the prime roof location for panels. Here’s the exact language in the law that more fully describes the process for determining “Equitable Allocation” - “The solar site survey shall also include a determination of an equitable allocation of the usable solar roof area among all owners sharing the same roof, garage, or carport.” A FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM Providing Practical Approaches in: However, every roof is different, and not all parts of roofs are created equal for solar. CC&R Interpretation, Drafting and Enforcement This law states a solar salesman with two weeks of experience can divide up a roof as he or she sees fit for their customer at that moment. Contract Drafting and Negotiation Opinion Letters Civil Litigation Assessment Recovery San Diego County, Orange County, Coachella Valley – For inquiries or call 866-342-3529. / /in/caisandiego WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 29