Community Insider Summer 2018 - Page 21

CAI: What are your goals to continue your education now that you have achieved the top-tier elite designation for your profession? MS: A Reserve Study and healthy reserve fund are the foundations of a good community. I am currently working towards achieving the Reserve Specialist (RS) designation. Very few obtain both the PCAM and the RS designations with CAI. KH: The Manager Support Committee is working to develop a “Case Study 101” course to give support leading up to the study for potential PCAMS. It is my goal to one day be involved in training and education with CAI on a national level. CAI: Finally, would you recommend that other managers pursue the PCAM designation? Dee Waite, CCAM, and future PCAM designee, is a Senior Community Manager and San Diego Regional Manager for Packard Management Group and has been managing associations in the San Diego area since 2010. She is an active member of CAI San Diego and serves the Chapter as Vice Chair of the Publication Committee. Both: Yes! It sets you apart and brings a real sense of accomplishment. KH: It was one of the best experiences of my career. To learn more about achieving the PCAM designation, visit LearningCenter/credentials/Pages/PCAM.aspx Kim Hand, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM is a Community Manager for Walters Management, Carlsbad Division. She began managing associations in 1996 and is an active member of CAI San Diego. She currently Chairs the Manager Support Committee and is a member of the Education Committee. Michael Sabella, CMCA, AMS, PCAM with Sea Breeze Community Management, has 6 years of direct property management experience and 20 years of applicable business and real estate experience. He is currently the General Manager of Acqua Vista in Little Italy. / /in/caisandiego WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 21