Community Insider Summer 2018 - Page 19

MS: Completed all course work in just over a year; in total took about 5 years to accumulate sufficient points and meet experience criteria. CAI: Once your PCAM application was accepted, the two of you joined a group of over 20 other potential PCAM’s for a case study of an age restricted community in Laguna Woods which took place around Thanksgiving. Other than being away from family and friends during the holiday, what was the most challenging aspect of the case study experience? MS: Take a lot of good notes during the study. Carlsbad It is a lot of information to absorb without knowing what specifically to look for. Once you leave the case study community there is no interaction with other participants, PCAM’s, or person involved with the case study community, but consultation with industry experts Pacific Backflow Company, Inc. ph: (760) 639-4000  fax: (760) 639-4005 Serving San Diego County South Riverside County South Orange County Backflow Testing Repairs Installations Replacements Theft Deterrents Pressure Regulators Cross Connection Surveys We Make It Easy! CA Lic 609775 / /in/caisandiego WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 19