Community Insider Summer 2018 - Page 15

under the “other” floor product in 5mm or 10mm thickness, which will help absorb vibrations when walking. The same applies to wall assemblies. Cost effective options for reducing noise in a wall scenario is to add insulation, acoustic sealant & putty, and sound dampening drywall (Quietrock). The installation of these types of materials generally will not affect the original configuration of a wall. While complete elimination of noise between units is not a possibility, especially in older buildings and considering that noise impacts everyone differently, the mitigation and reduction of noise is possible through the adoption of flooring standards that includes requiring a SCU of 5mm or greater for installations other than carpet. Keep in mind that the SCU might impact door openings and this should factor into the adopted standard when the expert is calculating the IIC. It would also be of benefit to adopt a standard for drywall replacement at Occupancy Separations Walls, that includes installation of insulation and Quietrock. Yvette Huffman is the owner of Trilogy Community Management, has been managing Common Interest Developments in the San Diego Area since 1988, is an active member of CAI San Diego, and serves the Chapter as Chair of the Publication Committee. Mark Adams is Director of Construction at ProTec Building Services, Inc. and can be reached at madams@ How will you fund your next association project? Get custom financing that’s perfect for your budget and your association. No deposit relationship required. Let us find the financing that’s right for you. Call me today! Brendan Concannon Vice President 619-261-6643 866-800-4656, ext. 7480 brendan.concannon@ Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender 171258 / /in/caisandiego WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 15