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A FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM Providing Practical Approaches in: factors like the number of floors the elevators travels, the number of doors, age, size and purpose (freight vs. passenger). One elevator can be costly enough, but maintenance and modernization of multiple elevators-if not budgeted for properly, can seriously strain an association’s reserves and potentially lead to a special assessment. should reveal if pursing that company further is valuable. It is not uncommon to ask a company for references for jobs similar in scope of work. Local companies often have less “red tape” or corporate bureaucracy, which can allow for quick and simple decisions that are in the best interest of the customer. Further, local companies can have greater flexibility and can seem more customer and resulted oriented. Since they generally have fewer clients, they tend to value their clients more, which often translates 40 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER | SPRING 2017 to a higher level of service. Community associations should always consider their budget, and it is useful to solicit options from multiple vendors. Does the elevator need a complete modernization with “all of the bells and whistles” or is there a major component that is responsible for the immediate issues that could be replaced while the board reviews and considers the budget for a complete overhaul? Is a maintenance agreement appropriate? Can services be provided at a reduced rate if a maintenance agreement is in place? Answers to these questions can be very helpful in guiding a decision, especially with answers from multiple vendors. A community association that has elevators likely has a line item in their reserve study for elevator modernization. While reserve analysts provide an educated estimate of what it will cost to modernize the elevator, the community board may wish to consider obtaining an estimate from elevator professionals. Individual elevators can vary substantially in cost, considering WWW.CAI-SD.ORG When it comes to elevators, there is no time like the present to start exploring options for modernization and maintenance. By evaluating the service of a current provider, considering local service options for propriety versus non-proprietary equipment, and ensuring that an association is setting aside the necessary funds needed for modernization, the community association will realize a net savings of time and money. Chris Sommese is the Sales Manager for 24 Hour Elevator, Inc., a San Diego based elevator maintenance company. Chris can be reached at (858) 279-8900 or CC&R Interpretation, Drafting and Enforcement Opinion Letters Contract Drafting and Negotiation Civil Litigation Assessment Recovery San Diego County, Orange County, Coachella Valley – For inquiries or call 866-342-3529. Lenorable Moments P h o t o g r a p h y Lenore Reese 562.237.3558 Capturing special moments one click at a time! For decades we have been photographing newborn babies, families, graduates, events (big or small). Serving San Diego, Orange, Riverside & Los Angeles Counties CAI - San Diego photographer