Community Insider Summer 2017 - Page 38

the parts and software are proprietary and should not be worked on by any company other than the original installer. This can leave community associations feeling cornered with no options to seek out better pricing and service from other providers. Over the last decade, many community associations began hiring local and independent elevator companies to reverse engineer and maintain this proprietary equipment. With less overhead and employees who were invested in the company, associations began receiving an increased level of service and usually at a lesser cost. As elevators age and community associations begin to think about modernization, many owners believe they only have the option to go with the big-name elevator companies. The truth is that the local independent companies can provide non-proprietary equipment. This includes their controllers, hydraulic pump units, machines, door equipment, fixtures and buttons. By using nonproprietary equipment, community associations are not “hand-cuffed” to any one company. LEVEL UP! 800.300.1704 | When it comes to Elevators, Local Companies Can Take Service to the Next Level KNOWLEDGE E 38 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER | SUMMER 2017 30 COMMITMENT These alternatives give owners the flexibility of bidding their work with local companies as well. Many community boards appreciate supporting local companies, especially when they pull from the same local labor pool as the global companies, giving customers complete confidence in the level of expertise their technicians will possess. Researching an independent company and the non-proprietary equipment can provide great peace of mind for owners and managers alike, as well as V7W&rFR6VG&&BW&f&2G2GVPFƖvV6R6RFW&WB6V&6b6琥vRFRFRW@bW7B6G&DRRtR%0524DRR%E05T44U502RR""Bp'6&26W6PWfF'2fR&V6R7'V6'B`W"FǒƗfW2VRfW7B6vf6@FRvFrf"B7VFrFPVWfF'2&WGvVVRBv&VWfF'26&RFFRVf&V@vFVv&'2B6VwVW2FW66&RW"v'7BvF&RbFW&R@vfV&W"6&RBGFVF766F2@vW'267VBw&VBFVbFRVWFpvFVWfF"6W2F67W76rrF&fPFR&W76fVW72B&VGV6RFRVB`FRWBb6W'f6RऔDTu$EFFFǒFR&&WF''G2&PW&6FRB&R&VFǒf&RF&&WG'G2FB&R7W7FFRB6Pg&'&BWFƗr&&WF''G2vfW0FR7W7FW"V6&Rg&VVFvVB6W0F6VFr6W'f6W2WBF&Bbf"&V66VG2VvF6W'f6R&fFW"@&VƖWfRFW&RB&V6VfrFR6W'f6RFW&Prf"B2V7F7vF6&fFW'2vpF266VFBW"6W'f6R&fFW 66VF&R2FWrRfRF2FRW&&6VFW2B&VB6FVv&R&VvrFGW&RBFB&6W72FW6VRFV"VWfF'2G&6Fg&WrB6琧FVVFr7&V6rFV6RB&W'2VWfF'2&R6W6W2vFF&V@WVVBB6WFW"&6W76'2ƖR6"FWv( B7Bf&WfW"Bv67BvW'2&R0FWvRFR67Bb&W6rVWfF"6&P&&FfRVWfF'26&RWV7FVBF7B&W@#V'2&Vf&RVFW&vrFW&旦F&6W72vVVWfF'2&R&vǒGW&VBfW"F'VFpvW'2BvVVBB2FRvF@uur44B$pV'0U5B$TĔ$PB$dU54b#`&fFr6WF0F6WFW&6Ɩf&6FW&W7BFWfVV@Vv77VW2f"fW"3V'24U$4%TDu0w&VB7W7FW"6W'f6PFvR&W6VVBwV&FVP&VW7FFR7V7F0C"Ɩ&ƗG7W&6P67W&FRf6pFvBW"FV&&R544D4T4T54U54TB$T4dU%( "4dĕDtD45E%T5DDTdT5B( "$T45E%T5D4T"bd"U4r( "TDP4tRdԔŒU0Fg&VRsr#sr3swwrWW7FvB6